AIOps Solution Overview

Today your organization’s IT Operations process is largely manual, from alert monitoring & management, to incident investigation, to problem remediation. As a result, the process is painfully slow and error-prone. AIOps automates and transforms the process so that it is more rapid, agile, and lower cost. It also replaces the process with one that learns autonomously and scales to meet increasing service-level expectations. All this while supporting a growing number of IT initiatives, such as Cloud migrations, digital transformation, M&A integrations, and other strategic projects.

AIOps Solution Framework

Alert Monitoring & Management Incident Investigation Problem Remediation
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Behavior Profiling Policy-based Escalation Rules-driven Team Mobilization
Dynamic Thresholds Accelerated Root Cause Analysis Remediation Workflow
AI-Guided Scoring Automated Recommendations Closed-Loop Learning

FogLogic redefines Alert Monitoring & Management with an AI-powered Anomaly Detection solution. Similarly Incident Investigation is transformed by AI-powered Incident Contextualization and Problem Remediation gives way to AI-powered Proactive Resolution. Each of these major FogLogic solution components can be segmented further into the three primary AI capabilities (See AIOps Solution Framework diagram). Together these capabilities do not merely tune your current processes incrementally; they transform the way you run your IT operations and reset expectations about what is possible.

To Learn more about each solution, capability, and a more detailed description of capability features, click on the relevant “Learn More” link.

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