Anomaly Detection for SAP Ops

Your Prescription for Incident Alert Overload

Here’s the Problem with SAP Ops

Can you imagine if doctors were notified every time you sneezed or coughed? They would have zero time to focus on serious issues.

But you get notified anytime your systems hiccup. That amounts to hundreds of emails. Every. Single. Day.

So, why would you accept this lower standard?

Incident alerts are overwhelming without proper anomaly detection. Modern anomaly detection for SAP Ops uses machine learning to intelligently reduce unnecessary alerts.

Smarter Notifications with FogLogic

Incident Notification. Made easy.

Foglogic’s Adaptive Clustering determines when to trigger an incident. You’ll only get notified for potential problems when enough anomalies are grouped together.

Each KPI has a unique sensitivity trigger, so you won’t miss a beat.

Here's a real example of 10 individual occurrences above the dynamic threshold. With FogLogic's Adaptive Clustering™, you're only notified once. That's the power of FogLogic's anomaly detection - you can reduce incident alerts up to 90%.

10X your efficiency.

Here’s a real example of 10 individual occurrences above the dynamic threshold. But with FogLogic’s Adaptive Clustering™, you’re only notified once. 

Legacy monitoring tools can’t keep up. Advanced anomaly detection reduces incident alerts by up to 90% .

Machine Learning for Modern Ops

3 Ways to Boost IT Ops

Lots of tools claim to use Machine Learning. But only FogLogic delivers its power to you:

Anomaly Detection & Incident Generation

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