Can Automation of Your Enterprise Applications Management Really Save Money?

Automating the management of enterprise applications allows your organization to take maximum advantage of the power and potential these applications have to offer.. Automation also saves time and effort, not to mention money. By automating the management of all applications in your organization, you can save thousands of hours of work and reduce production incidents and failures.

Automation Drives Efficiency

Applying automation to the management of business applications can significantly enhance user support. Take Brookdale Senior Living for example. Its CIO Scott Ranson reported in that automating user account processes reduced the time it took to complete access changes from 3-5 days, to under 24 hours. Before automation, the IT department required at least an hour to make employee access changes across five systems;after, the program could automatically update 15 systems in just five minutes.

The Software-as-a-Service model has enabled a range of automation possibilities, from simple automation for faster incident resolution to machine learning based prediction. Daily management tasks no longer require manual attention, and neither do many operations related to testing, upgrading, performance monitoring, and patch installation. Incidents – filtered for relevance – can be automatically relayed to the right personnel to reduce guesswork and related bottlenecks. Problems can be identified quickly – and in many cases, prevented altogether – and resolved in less time, resulting in minimal business disruption. Microsoft knows well how SaaS in the enterprise can streamline automation, from software acquisition to management including support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution related to security, availability, and performance.

Automation Software and Data Security

Data security is another area ripe for automation using today’s technologies. A dedicated security module can take on many of the tasks previously handled by IT personnel, such as:

  • Authenticate a data source in the background, or instantly identify the nature of a digital signature.
  • Instantly decrypt data without any intervention or disruption on the user end.
  • Automatically scan incoming data for viruses, malware, and other security risks.
  • Execute each security operation in coordination with existing security and access control policies.

Automation also saves time and money by instantly validating data. Non-compliant data can immediately be rejected or routed to a system that can convert them to the proper format.The automation system can control how data are moved and to where, in what order, and in synch with the workflow. It can handle all needs regarding routing, based on factors such as customer ID numbers, thus saving time in managing many processes and applications across the enterprise.

Why Automation in the Maintenance of Enterprise Applications Is So Important

Automating the management of enterprise applications – from data management and security, to access control and maximizing uptime – can have a big impact across your entire organization. Fewer application incidents and faster incident resolution means better application availability and less business disruption, all delivered within a more modest applications management budget.

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