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Automate SAP Applications Monitoring

To appeal to companies of different sizes and with different business models and financial capabilities, SAP has created a wide range of enterprise applications with a multitude of functionalities. The flip side, however, is that most customers have experienced first hand just how complex and expensive implementing and managing SAP applications can be. To ensure […]

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Top 10 Reasons for Application Downtime

As I pointed out in my previous post, application downtime is a mission critical issue for enterprises and downtime costs companies billions of dollars every year.  Many things contribute to application downtime but I’ve attempted here to pick the ten most important reasons, taking into account – unscientifically – both frequency and impact. Here’s my […]

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Why do we need IT Operations Analytics?

Recent computer system outages at Southwest and Delta Airlines forced cancellation of several flights and delayed several others, causing millions of dollars in revenue losses. In addition to direct losses, such outages can have longer term impact in terms of brand image and customer loyalty. Enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle and are at the […]

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