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Making Sense of the AIOps Solutions Landscape

If you are educating yourself about AIOps and trying to get your arms around the various solution options, you are probably tearing your hair out by now. There is no shortage of vendors with extremely similar marketing messages, value propositions, and benefit claims. While this is common in mature markets, it is strange for nascent […]

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The “BIG THREE” Use Cases for AIOps

AIOps is a category of cloud-based software systems that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to transform IT Operations by redefining the processes and tasks associated with managing the IT incident lifecycle. AIOps helps significantly reduce business disruptions by increasing system availability, minimizing manual and error-prone work related to performance monitoring and incident root cause analysis, and […]

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The Market for AIOps Solutions is Ready for Takeoff

While AIOps as a technology category is still in its relative infancy, there are signs that it is poised for rapid growth. In this post, I will look at growth signals from three sources: industry analysts, enterprise IT organizations, and vendors. What are the analysts saying? According to Gartner, 40% of organizations expect to have […]

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