Our Story

Pioneering AIOPs In-a-Box™ for SAP

Our Story

As CEO of a successful global systems integration and managed services company, our founder Ashok was struck by how much manual effort it took to keep customers’ business applications running. At the same time, clients were demanding continuous improvement in service levels and value for their money. As Ashok challenged his team to find innovative ways to deliver, he realized that they were operating under institutionalized constraints.

Legacy tools used to manage application environments are complex and offer narrow visibility and limited automation. Consequently, most enterprises and their outsourcing partners continue to rely on a time-consuming, frustrating and error-prone manual approach to running and maintaining enterprise applications. Ashok believed there had to be a better way. So, he asked his colleague Chandy – our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer – for help.

A new paradigm

Together, they realized that the complexity of managing application environments is only going to accelerate as enterprises drive digital transformation, migrate applications to the cloud, and deal with ever faster release cycles. They believed that applying data science was essential to modernizing IT operations and driving significant productivity improvements alongside vastly improved service levels and far fewer IT-related business disruptions.

FogLogic was born with a vision to leverage AI and machine learning to enable enterprise applications to achieve the vision of always operating in a Known Good State.

About FogLogic

To keep up with today’s dynamic business requirements, your enterprise applications environment is always transforming and growing more complex, with a mushrooming application footprint, faster-than-ever release cycles, migration to the cloud and more.

The harsh reality

This relentless change increases workload, costs, and risk for IT ops. It’s impossible to manage the new complexity or get a handle on the state of your always-changing application environment. And the situation only gets worse with each new application, infrastructure component, cloud deployment and smart device – plus the added pressure of budget constraints and rising stakeholder expectations. Legacy monitoring tools hold you back and do not prepare you for what lies ahead. They were built for another era – when applications ran in a more static business environment – and are too slow, narrowly focused, and lack answers for today’s challenges.

The strategic imperative

Forward-thinking IT executives recognize the imperative to shift to a new AI/ML-powered approach which delivers an economic multiplier effect through higher availability and service levels even within constrained budgets. With an AIOps-driven strategy, IT ops can move away from manual triage and finger pointing to higher value, higher productivity work.

FogLogic applies machine learning to understand an application environment’s holistic known state. It identifies patterns, detects anomalies and correlates events to eliminate noise and surface priority events. FogLogic’s curated insights give intelligent guidance for faster remediation to quickly restore the application environment to its Known Good State.


Ashok Santhanam

Co-founder, CEO & Board Member

Ashok is FogLogic’s co-founder and CEO. A seasoned entrepreneur and enterprise software executive, Ashok was most recently CEO of Bristlecone, which he transformed into a leading global systems integrator in supply chain management solutions. Prior to Bristlecone, Ashok was Senior VP, Worldwide Field Operations at Epiphany, a leader in marketing analytics software. Earlier, he founded and was CEO and Chairman of Inventa Technologies, a pioneering leader in B2B e-commerce solutions. Ashok has a BS from IIT Madras and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Chandy Nilakantan

Co-founder, CTO & Board Member

Chandy is a co-founder and the CTO of FogLogic. He is an accomplished technologist with extensive experience in infrastructure management and networking. Before FogLogic, Chandy headed Software Defined Networking and Advanced Infrastructure Management at Dell. Earlier, Chandy co-founded and served as CTO of Scalent Systems, a pioneer in data center automation software which was acquired by Dell. Prior to Scalent, Chandy was CTO of Skystream Networks and earlier VP & General Manager of Enterprise Routing and Remote Access at 3Com. He holds a BS from IIT Madras and an MS in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University.

Chandy Nilakantan is a world leader in integrating machine learning and automation into IT Ops

Dwijen Pandit

VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Dwijen is responsible for leading FogLogic’s product development team. A software executive with deep experience in enterprise SaaS and big data analytics, Dwijen was most recently R&D Head for Big Data Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. There he led teams building a highly scalable SaaS based analytics visualization service, and a world class application resources API and analytics API delivered as part of a common applications framework to be used by development teams across the company. Earlier, he was Chief Data Architect and then R&D Head for Marketing Optimization and Big Data Analytics at Autonomy (acquired by Hewlett Packard), and before that served as Chief Data Architect at Bladelogic, a data center automation startup that successfully completed an IPO before being acquired by BMC Software.

Balaji Varadarajan

VP of Customer Success

Balaji is VP, Customer Success and focuses on helping our customers maximize the value they receive from FogLogic’s groundbreaking technology. He is responsible for customer support, advocacy, adoption and retention. Balaji is an accomplished IT executive with extensive experience developing stakeholder synergy through business & IT strategy, and in managing global IT Operations for enterprise applications. Before FogLogic, Balaji held senior leadership roles at Solartis as VP & Global Head of SaaS Operations, at Ericsson as Principal & CIO of a major customer unit and at Reliance Communications as VP of Information Technology. Earlier, he has held leadership roles at Mindtree Consulting, Matson Inc. and Cambridge Technology Partners and was founder of a Silicon Valley start-up providing technology consulting services. He holds a BS in Computer Technology & Informatics from Bharathiar University in India and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Headshot of Balaji Varadarajan, VP of Customer Success at FogLogic



Wayne is FogLogic’s chief marketing officer responsible for marketing strategic planning and delivery. He brings to FogLogic both extensive large corporation and startup management and scaling experience. This includes senior marketing posts at HP and Oracle, and top marketing executive roles at several technology category pioneers that achieved successful exits (1 IPO; 3 acquisitions). Wayne holds an MBA from Yale University and a BA in Economics from Tufts University.

Ravi Mohan

Managing Director, Shasta Ventures & Board Member

Ravi Mohan has focused his entire career on the software business. Prior to co-founding Shasta, Ravi was a general partner at Battery Ventures, where he led eight investments and served on the boards of 12 software and technology-enabled service companies.

Before that, Ravi built transaction-processing systems at Accenture, sold and implemented software applications for Hyperion Software Corp. and ran MIC, a software development firm based in India focused on selling business-intelligence solutions to multinational corporations. Ravi also spent time at McKinsey & Co. working with consumer- packaged goods companies.

Ravi is active in entrepreneurial circles and helped found the Silicon Valley chapter of the Indian Venture Capital Association (IVCA) to leverage entrepreneurial activities between India and the U.S. Ravi holds a BS in operations research and industrial engineering from Cornell University and earned his MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Nitin Chopra

Partner, Shasta Ventures & Board Member

Nitin is passionate about enterprise software and mobile. He is looking at investing opportunities in application, platform, and infrastructure software. Nitin is a big advocate of open-source technologies and is a member of open source initiative.

Nitin has lived and worked in Canada, Germany, USA, and India, and has conducted business globally. In his role as a product manager in BlackBerry’s enterprise software team, Nitin engineered relationships with leading software vendors and drove products from concept to launch. During his years in Germany, Nitin built a distribution channel for BlackBerry’s Unified Communications product with channel partners across Europe and Asia-Pacific. Prior to that, Nitin also worked in product marketing at a semiconductor company, PMC-Sierra.

Nitin earned an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University. Nitin is an avid hiker and has had the privilege of hiking mountains in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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