FogLogic Adds Log Aggregation & Analytics to Leading AIOPS Solution for SAP

FogLogic 4 Extends FogLogic Leadership in AIOps for SAP

Sunnyvale, CA, January 31, 2019—FogLogic launched log aggregation and AI-powered log analytics to help SAP operations managers predict future system performance and behavior issues and help make sense of data when diagnosing SAP incidents. The log analytics capability enhances FogLogic’s holistic data contextualization capabilitythat includes real-time data correlation, co-occurrence and seasonality analyticsto isolate problem root causes.

“Modern Ops for SAP starts with an anomaly detection service that triggers smart notifications that matter, thereby minimizing SAP alert fatigue,” said Chandy Nilakantan, FogLogic co-founder and CTO. “SAP operations professionals can now leverage in-context log analytics along with seasonality, correlation and co-occurrence insights as part of a machine-learning approach to data contextualization. Integrated log analytics will further empower operations managers to drive down mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) by accelerating the remediation process with a curated set of recommended actions.”

According to the company, log analytics begins by collecting log data from a comprehensive array of sources (e.g. SAP ABAP, SAP Java, OS, DB, Application and infrastructure) through its own collector/extractor technology as well as integration with third-party tools. FogLogic automatically classifies the log data, extracts meta data, inspects for anomalies across all log types, and generates incidents and policy-based notifications.

Incident analysis includes event correlation and provides context related to system operations. The analysis process is supported by search functionality across systems, landscapes, data ranges, and different log types, as well as visualization in the FogLogic Dashboard (e.g. trend and volumetric charts).

“Global enterprises have many excellent technology options to get started integrating AIOps into their IT Operations,” said Ashok Santhanam, FogLogic co-founder and CEO. “For SAP landscapes, FogLogic provides the most advanced and mature AIOps option.”


About FogLogic

FogLogic applies AI and machine learning to modernize and automate operations for SAP and other enterprise application environments. With FogLogic, CIOs and IT operations leaders can drive towards an AI-powered vision of incident-free enterprise applications, reduce MTTR, meet their service-level commitments and more efficiently utilize limited IT resources.

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