Getting Your SAP Systems to a Known Good State | (KGS Part II)

Imagine your SAP systems always available. Always running error free, with known performance.

What a dream that would be.

But is achieving this Known Good State more than just a dream?

Is it possible to reach a Known Good State – the imperative in the new reality of the dynamic enterprise IT – with your systems?

Or is it simply too tall of a mountain to climb?

Most companies will never reach the summit of this lofty goal. But, yes – it is indeed achievable.

To climb Everest, you need the right equipment. To achieve your Known Good State is no different.

It’s not you… it’s your tools

Your “equipment” – whether monitoring tools like Solution Manager, Tivoli or Wily, or service management tools like Remedy or ServiceNow – isn’t crummy. But these tools were built for an earlier era when static application environments were the norm.

Today’s world of enterprise apps is much different.

Unlike Everest – which grows 4 millimeters each year – your IT environment is in intense flux every day. Legacy Ops will never take you to the top.

Too many tools

Most companies use a mix of tools to manage their application environment.

SAP tools. Database tools. Security tools. Infrastructure tools. There’s no shortage of tools.

When climbing a mountain, you only take what’s necessary. Everything else weighs you down. The same is true for your IT Ops.

Yesterday’s tools are clunky.

They don’t share data easily with each other. They don’t give you full stack visibility. And the data that is collected is raw and unrefined.

While legacy ops tools are great at collecting data, they’re terrible at transforming it into knowledge and insights. You need people to do this.

In a world where an hour of application downtime costs between $500,000 and $1 million (IDC), time is of the essence.

Bulking up on infrastructure or hiring more people isn’t practical either considering the immense budget pressures which span across all IT organizations.

While outsourcing has its benefits, there’s little evidence that it’s the answer to ever increasing demands for better service levels.

Every option is limited by its dependence on inefficient legacy monitoring tools.

Achieve the Known Good State with Modern Ops

Modern Ops – with machine learning and artificial intelligence – is the only effective way to reach the summit.

Your system needs to be lean and have the following 6 characteristics:

  1. Loyal

    Your people will come and go. Vacations. Marriages. Transfers. Retirement.

    Your consultants can’t promise to be there forever and neither can your employees. What happens to that valuable tribal knowledge when those in the tribe move on?

    Modern Ops will stay by your side as long as you like. Making not just tribal knowledge, but tribal insights, accessible to everyone on your team – even the newbies.

    With Modern Ops, you no longer need to worry about slow, manual and people-intensive analysis. You can rely on automated, continuously running analysis and correlation that does the grunt work for you.

  2. Learns all the time

    Modern Ops tools work around the clock, 24/7. Not just monitoring, but profiling, analyzing and generating insights.

  3. Efficient. Light-weight

    Legacy tools are a headache to implement and manage. Modern Ops tools are a breeze to set up and are 100% automated.

  4. Two steps ahead

    You can’t expect to grow when your focus is on fighting fires. Modern Ops auto-detects upcoming problems so you can deal with them before they get out of hand.

  5. You still play a vital role

    Your feedback is the fuel that drives Modern Ops to get smarter over time.

    You’re still the hero, now you just have stronger superpowers to get the job done.

  6. Custom fit for you

    Every organization has its unique mountain to climb.

    As time goes on, you’ll be able to think more critically about your system as a whole. Because you’ll have more time to think strategically, and because under the hood, Modern Ops puts the pieces together for you.

    Diligent iterations and continuous profiling, time after time, molded to your specific environment.

    The longer you use a machine learning-based approach, the more efficient your operations will become.

Why wait?

Get to the Known Good State. Stay in the Known Good State. Own the Known Good State.

Do it. With Modern Ops.

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