Known Good State


A Known Good State is an environment in which KPIs are well understood and meaningful and their values can be known on demand.

The challenge is that computing landscapes are so complex that when KPI targets are missed, its difficult to determine the root causes. In the time it takes to isolate the unknown root causes and resolve significant problems, your are not running in a known good state and you don’t know why. A Known Good State means your systems are:

Always Available and Highly Performant
Get ahead of ever increasing stakeholder expectations

Running Error Free
Get away from triage and guess work and drive toward a zero- incident operation

Properly Resourced
Know your resource requirements and dynamically provision what you need and when you need it.

Economically Friendly
Focus on higher value, higher productivity work

Given these goals and expectations and the complexity of your environment, operating in a Known Good State is impossible to achieve doing business as usual with largely manual processes. The only way to achieve the vision of always operating in a Known Good State is to leverage AIOps.

AIOps for SAP Provides:

AI-Powered Anomaly Detection so you can always see meaningful anomalies and not get fatigued with a high volume of alerts you ignore reflexively.

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Incident Contextualization driven by machine learning so you can always makes sense of your data and receive a curated short list of recommended fixes.

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Proactive Resolution so you can avoid inefficient trial and error remediation, deploy the right fix rapidly, and learn from what worked and what didn’t so that your process automatically gets smarter.

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