Machine Learning Can Transform How You Manage Your Enterprise Applications

Machine learning is actually more common than one might think. Netflix pays attention to what you’re watching and uses machine learning models to recommend other shows and movies you might like. Siri learns your travel habits and calendar, allowing your iPhone to suggest directions before you even ask. Your credit score improves and – wouldn’t you know it – pre-approved offers for other cards start coming in the mail automatically.

Although the concept of machines that can think for themselves has been around since the 1950s, the modern day idea of “machine learning” has only really made its way into our lives over the last few years. However, while it’s easy to understand the increase in popularity when viewed through a consumer lens, machine learning can also offer the ongoing management and maintenance of enterprise applications a huge boost.

The Downtime Factor
According to a survey that was conducted by the Ponemon Institute, downtime of any kind has an incredible dollar value attached to it. 200 companies across America and Europe were surveyed and it was revealed that roughly $26.5 billion in revenue is lost from IT downtime and other related issues each year.

Each of those 200 businesses said that they lost an average of 14 hours per year to downtime, with an average cost of approximately $5,600 per minute. Those are statistics you literally can’t afford to ignore.

While guaranteed 100% uptime in a world of rapidly proliferating and heterogenous technology remains an aspiration, machine learning already offers the best and most cost-effective promise to get as close to it as possible, with minimal impact on current operations.
The greatest benefit that machine learning can bring to enterprise applications management is the opportunity to move from reacting to incidents to anticipating them and preventing them in the first place. This in turn can help reduce and even eliminate downtime altogether.

It’s Not the Tool That’s Important – It’s How You Use It
The real benefits of machine learning to managing your company’s enterprise applications have less to do with the applications themselves and more with what you can achieve when all operations are running smoothly and without issue. Rapid incident resolution and reduced business disruptions are just the low hanging fruit.

According to an article recently published in Forbes, machine learning algorithms continuously grow as new data becomes available, and aim to optimize outcomes in every situation. Machine learning based management tools become progressively smarter about the applications they manage, and therefore significantly reduce the pain associated with manual upkeep.

When the management of your company’s enterprise applications becomes more efficient, so do company employees. Business technology should always be an operations enabler, and never a distraction from the core work that keeps a company up-and-running. If all systems are running efficiently, and algorithms updated in real-time through machine learning capabilities, company and IT employees can focus on adding value instead of spending time babysitting or fighting fires.

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