SAP + FogLogic

Run SAP in a Known Good State.

Go Beyond Monitoring with FogLogic

Full visibility across the entire SAP footprint

  • ABAP and Java applications
  • Databases: HANA DB, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MaxDB
  • Infrastructure: Server, network and OS

The power of AutoProfile™ machine learning

  • Automatically flag anomalies in your SAP application behavior
  • Detect anomaly seasonality
  • Correlate metrics, logs and performance issues
  • Determine incident co-occurrences across the entire stack
  • Get ahead of the game with predictive analytics

LiveLink™ collaboration

  • Communicate through Skype or Slack integration
  • Work with team members to resolve incidents quickly
  • Leverage the knowledge base to get even better over time

Easy implementation

  • Fast set up in under 30 minutes
  • Simple to configure and use, without consulting help
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