Popular AIOps Use Cases

Cloud Migration

Before migrating your applications to the cloud, first get them into a Known Good State. Free your team from day-to-day fire drills so you can dedicate attention and speed up timelines on your migration project. Starting with a Known Good State also provides a great basis for measuring the results of your migration so you can compare your new cloud deployment to the established baseline.

HANA Migration

Known Good State is critical for a successful migration to HANA. Use FogLogic to establish the performance, stability and availability baseline for your entire SAP stack – and again when your HANA system goes live – so you can reliably ascertain the success of your migration effort from an Ops standpoint. Further, keeping your current landscapes running in a Known Good State saves you from the distractions of dealing with production crises so you can give full attention to your HANA initiative.

Digital Transformation and Automation

Accelerate your digital transformation and automation goals by minimizing ongoing operational problems with your current systems. With FogLogic, you always run your applications in a Known Good State, and minimize interruptions that consume team bandwidth and slow down your growth initiatives.

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Integrating new IT systems into your company, or dealing with separating systems resulting from divestitures or spinoff? Speed and simplify both integration and disaggregation projects. Start by getting all SAP and other enterprise applications into a Known Good State, then seamlessly incorporate the merged systems into a stable, unified whole – or ensure reliable performance and availability for systems that you spin off.

Resource Efficiency

Cost cutting a major priority for your company? Use FogLogic to get both OpEx and CapEx relief by eliminating tedious manual processes. By running your applications in a Known Good State, multiply the productivity of your IT ops team to meet or exceed expectations within the same or reduced budget.
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