Modernize Your Approach to IT Operations

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How experts must think dynamically about the future of IT Ops.
  • What emerging economic constraints compel Fortune 500 companies to change the way new technology adoption happens within IT operations.
  • Why leaders must have specific criteria for what they need from technology providers.

Snehashish Sarkar
VP of Enterprise Application Solutions, Varian 


Nagarajan Nallaiah
Enterprise Technical Architect, Varian 


Ashok  Santhanam
CEO and Co-founder, FogLogic

In this webinar, we will showcase a few methods the most innovative IT teams must implement in 2018. We have two amazing panelists from Varian.

Snehashish Sarkar, has led Enterprise Application Solutions at Varian Medical Systems for almost a decade. Considered one of the top experts in the industry. 

Nagarajan Nallaiah is an Enterprise Technical Architect with mastery in SAP driving Varian’s strategic initiatives.

Sarkar and Nallaiah will explore what it takes to run operations and the biggest problems that could wreak havoc on achieving your goals in 2018.

The discussion will last roughly 40 minutes with a Q&A directly following.