Three Next Practices that Leverage AI/ML to Optimize SAP Application Performance

[25 minutes + 25 minute Q&A]

The pace of change in today’s increasingly digitalized business environment means that what has worked in the past – as codified by Best Practices – increasingly will not work moving forward. This has given rise to the concept of Next Practices. Next Practices do not focus on improving existing processes since existing processes are becoming increasingly obsoleted by transformative technologies. They deal with the best ways to rethink your processes for the future, leveraging transformative technologies like AI and machine learning (ML), to make your processes smarter.

This presentation describes three inter-connected examples of how AI-powered Next Practices can be applied to transform your system incident detection and resolution process to meet service-level targets today and create scalability for tomorrow. What you will learn in this presentation:

  • What are Next Practices (in contrast to best practices) and why are they more relevant to the application of AI/ML technology?
  • What are examples of the application of AI/ML technology to core IT operations processes like incident detection and problem resolution?
  • How can I leverage AI/ML technology to optimize key IT operations processes in order to optimize application performance?
  • What does AI/ML performance optimization look like (example UIs and workflows)?


Ashok Santhanam
CEO, FogLogic

Dino Battochio
Director ERP, Boehringer Ingelheim

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