Why FogLogic

Driving the Shift to Modern Ops.

See Everything

Get a holistic view of your full enterprise application stack and never miss anything.

Unlock Insights

AutoProfile™ machine learning identifies patterns and guides you intelligently for rapid resolution.


Drive higher service levels with the same budget and deliver an Ops multiplier.


Stop dealing with slow, manual and people-intensive analysis, and rely instead on FogLogic’s automated, continuously running analysis and correlation to do the grunt work for you.

What a Known Good State Looks Like

An infographic showing the 5 elements of the "Known Good State" for a company's SAP landscape. SAP environments in a "Known Good State" are always available and error-free, have Known Performance, Known Economics, and Known Resource Requirements.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE: Get ahead of ever increasing stakeholder expectations.

RUNS ERROR FREE: Get away from triage and guesswork.

KNOWN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS: Provision what you need, when you need it.

KNOWN ECONOMICS: Focus on higher value, higher productivity work.

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