Unlock Insights

Gain Intelligent Guidance With Context.

Less Noise, More Poise

Dashboards don’t give you answers right away, so stop wasting time drilling into them, and say goodbye to spreadsheets in trying to figure out any compound effects of unruly incident pile ups.

FogLogic doesn’t just monitor – we analyze – everything in real time. Every step of the way using AutoProfile™ machine learning.

Get notified of anomalies detected automatically.

FogLogic calculates dynamic thresholds on the fly based on application behavior so you only see what’s important. No more alert overload.

Gain a jump start on problem resolution.

FogLogic instantly correlates across the stack and across metrics to identify patterns that would take you hours – sometimes days – to find.

Get intelligent guidance.

For faster triage and remediation by unlocking FogLogic’s curated insights. 

Get smarter over time.

FogLogic’s guidance becomes more insightful as we analyze behavior over longer time periods.

Get You to the Known Good State

Stop dealing with slow, manual and people-intensive analysis, and rely instead on FogLogic’s automated, continuously running analysis and correlation to do the grunt work for you.

See Everything

Get a holistic view of your full enterprise application stack and never miss anything.

Unlock Insights

AutoProfile™ machine learning identifies patterns and guides you intelligently for rapid resolution.


Drive higher service levels with the same budget and deliver an Ops multiplier.

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